In 2017 we acquired 41 city based businesses, 33 in Pest Control

Mergers & acquisitions

Acquisitions are a core part of our differentiated strategy. Mainly focused on Emerging and Growth markets, and in pest control in particular, we target city-focused deals to build presence and density. 

How the M&A process works:

  • Identify – identify cities with good density and good growth potential. Identify right companies following detailed analysis of competitive landscape. Over 100 target cities and over 500 target companies identified to date.
  • Opportunities – carry out structured contact programme, building high-quality database of contacts, live targets and companies no longer meeting requirements.
  • Assessment – M&A team assess operational forecasts and integration plans. Plans submitted for approval from group Investment Committee and transactions negotiated.
  • Acquisition – once offer successful, move to detailed due diligence process and final negotiations prior to purchase.

Performance monitoring

  • Post deal: a rigorous integration plan is implemented, which involves monthly monitoring of business activity and performance to ensure growth opportunities are realised.  Upon anniversary of the acquisition a detailed review of strategy and performance is completed, with key learning informing strategy. We aim to maintain the highest standard of customer service and treat people with respect in line with our Code of Conduct.