Mermaid Hygiene Services (MHS), Australia

Mermaid Hygiene Services


Mermaid Hygiene Services had a customer portfolio of respected clients in the Victoria region of Australia. MHS had a record of growth, consistent margins and a reputation for excellent service delivery to its customers.


Rentokil Initial already had a Hygiene business servicing in the region but this acquisition offered a growth opportunity based on MHS’s local reputation and customer portfolio.  MHS commitment to world-class service and focus on innovation meant a strong cultural fit with Rentokil Initial and our overlapping service footprint allowed re-routing of service visits to further improve our customer responsiveness.


Rentokil Initial first began discussions with MHS owner in 2014 but the timing wasn’t right for the owner who had other business interests as well. However, our relationship continued and in 2017 we agreed and completed the deal. 


A joint management team led a focused and efficient integration process combining successfully the MHS team and customers into the Rentokil Initial business.  Customer retention, a sign of customer satisfaction, increased in the first year post acquisition and both revenue and profit have increased over the previous year.