Ambius is a leading provider of interior plants.

Plants, property care and Workwear (France)

Rentokil Initial offers a range of other route-based services to meet customer needs in plants, property care, medical and specialist hygiene services.

Ambius is one of the world’s leading interior landscaping companies with businesses in 16 countries. We install and service both interior and exterior plant displays, flowers, replica foliage, Christmas decorations and ambient scenting for commercial businesses. Ambius is North America’s largest office plants business.

Our Property Care businesses in the UK provide a range of services including damp proofing, woodworm and wood rot treatment. They have built an enviable reputation in the repair and preservation of all types of property, from private housing to historic and listed buildings.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene is one of the leading providers of specialised deep cleaning and specialist industrial cleaning and disinfection services. An extensive range of solutions have been tailored to ensure that hazardous situations can be eliminated without any potential risk to human health.  These services include the professional and discreet disinfection of areas that have been exposed to bio-hazardous situations, such as crime and trauma scenes, prison cells, void properties, emergency vehicles and healthcare establishments.

Initial Medical services provides safe, legally compliant waste disposal. The company is expert in healthcare waste management, providing a complete collection, disposal and recycling service for hazardous and offensive waste produced by businesses and organisations associated with the provision of healthcare within the UK. The professional management of healthcare waste is vital to ensure waste does not become a risk to human health.  It also provides a wide range of colour-coded sharps disposal bins to deal with the different types of sharps waste safely, reducing the risk of injury.

In France, Initial Workwear specialises in the supply and laundering of workwear, uniforms, clean room uniforms and protective equipment.  We support some of France’s largest hospitality and industrial organisations to ensure that their employees have the right workwear to support safe and effective working.

Our ranges are targeted to meet specific customer needs. For instance our Alpha collection is designed for industrial workers who operate machinery and equipment. Whereas the Delta Multi-Protect garments are flame retardant, anti-static and protect against electric arc and chemicals. These are targeted at workers in hazardous industries such as energy refineries and chemical plants.

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