Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme

The Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme provides pension benefits to people who are or who have been employees of Rentokil Initial plc or its subsidiary companies. This is a Defined Benefits (DB) scheme. The Scheme was established in 2016 and benefits were transferred to it from the Rentokil Initial Pension Scheme which is being wound up.

Future provision for existing employees is, depending on grade, through the Rentokil Initial Investment Plan or the People’s Pension and links are included within this site. 

The Scheme is set up under a governing Trust Deed and Rules. The Trustee Directors are responsible for the running of the Scheme and have appointed a number of advisers to help them, including legal, investment and administration services. 

It is important that you take responsibility for your own pension planning, and we hope this site provides valuable information to help, together with links to other useful websites.

If you were a member of one of the following pension schemes you may well have benefits in the Rentokil initial 2015 Pension Scheme

ADT Pension  Scheme
Allied Industrial Services 
BET Pension Scheme
BET Industrial Services Pension Scheme
BET Building Services Pension Scheme
BET Plant Services Pension Scheme
BET Transport Company Pension Scheme
BET Industrial Services Pension Scheme
BET General Pension Plan
BET Pension Scheme (Includes Rediffusion Pension Scheme)
BET Senior Staff Pension Scheme.
BET Senior Executive Pension Scheme
Boulton & Paul Pension Scheme
Initial Group Retirement Plan.
BET Leisure Holdings Pension Scheme
BET Money Purchase Pension Plan
HAT Staff Pension Scheme Or HAT 1976 Pension Scheme
Hestair Works Pension Scheme
Rentokil Senior Executive Pension & Life Assurance Plan 
Rentokil Staff Pension & Life Assurance Plan 

We also include ways for you to contact the administrators. Please go to "Contact Us" for further details. 


Plan Accounts
The Plan accounts are produced and audited annually. The latest accounts can be accessed using the links below:

Year ended 31 December 2015

Members’ Report
The Trustee issues a report to members each year. The latest reports can be accessed using the links below:

Year ended 31st December 2016

Statement of Investment Principles
This explains how the Trustee invests the money paid into the Scheme.

Download here

Actuarial Valuation
The full report on the Actuarial Valuation following the actuary’s check of the Scheme’s situation as at 31 December 2015.

Download here

Statement of Funding Principles
This statement sets out the Trustee’s policy for meeting the statutory funding objective in respect of Defined Benefit liabilities.

Download here

The Schedule of Contributions
This shows how much money is being paid into the Scheme.

Download here

Annual Actuarial Report 
This contains the results of the actuary’s annual checks on the Scheme’s financial health 

Download here

My other pensions
Your total pension provision may be a combination of State Pension, Private Pension, other company pensions or Rentokil Initial Pensions. Please note that none of the websites shown below are maintained or owned by the Trustee and are included to help you with your retirement planning.

Rentokil Initial has two pension arrangements which employees can join and accrue further benefits. The workplace pension is the People’s Pension with B. & C. E. This is the plan that current employees are automatically enrolled into unless they have been invited, and have joined, the Rentokil Initial Investment Plan with Fidelity.

The links to pension plans are set out below and you will need to log in using the credentials set up for you.

If you wish to check the value of your pension, please click here for Fidelity Investment Plan or click here for Peoples Pension with B&CE and log in using the credentials set up for you.

If at any time between November 2001 and August 2006 you were a member of the Rentokil Initial Retirement Savings Plan any fund that you had invested in that Plan in August 2006 would have transferred to the Rentokil Initial Defined Contribution Plan.

If at any time between Sept 2006 and August 2015 you were a member of the Rentokil Initial Defined Contribution Pension Plan and your benefits did not transfer to the Rentokil Initial Investment Plan your benefits will have been transferred to a wind up policy with Fidelity. If you have benefits remaining with them, please click here.

Your State Pension has changed since April 2016 and may now also be paid from a later date, depending on your age. If you wish to find out your state pension age, you can go to and to find out more about the level of your state pension amount, go to

The government has been concerned at the level of pension scams that are aimed at encouraging individuals to move their pensions to unauthorised arrangements with the carrot of higher benefits and possibly higher and immediate cash payments. The dangers are highlighted at this government website:

The Trustee strongly recommends that extreme care is taken before deciding to transfer your pension from the Scheme and that financial advice is sought. 

Please note that if the value of your pension is more than £30,000 you will need to take independent financial advice from an authorised person and provide evidence of this.

You can find a local adviser at

Frequently asked questions

1 – Can I pay more into the Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme

No, the Scheme is closed to future accrual. If you are a current employee, you may be able to contribute into the current plan with Fidelity instead.

2 – Can I transfer benefits from other arrangements into the Scheme?

No, the trustees do not accept transfers from other arrangements.

3 – How do I tell you I have moved?

It’s important we keep in touch so if you move house don’t forget to write to the Scheme Administrators and let them know. The address to send to is:

Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme
P.O. Box 4684
East Court
Riverside Park
Stoke on Trent

4 – What do I do if I am getting divorced?

If you are getting divorced you will need to take the value of your pension benefits into account when declaring the value of your assets.  Please contact the Scheme Administrators as early in the process as you can.  There are administration costs payable if a Pension Sharing Order is made against your benefits in the Scheme.  General information about Pensions and Divorce can be found on the Pensions Advisory Service website.

5 – When can I start to receive my benefits from the Scheme?

The earliest you may take benefits is currently age 55. Please note that if you take your benefits before your normal retirement date your benefits will be reduced because your pension will be paid for a longer period. There may be restrictions on taking benefits early so please contact the Scheme Administrators for more information.

6 – If I am ill can I be paid my pension?

If you’re diagnosed with a very serious or terminal condition, where your life expectancy is determined to be less than 12 months, you may be able to be able to be paid a lump sum. For more details please contact the Scheme administrators and they will send you further information.

7 – What day is my pension paid on?

The payment date for pensions to be paid to members of the Initial Sections of the Scheme is the last working day of each month.

The pension payments date for members of the Rentokil Sections of the Scheme is the 6th of each month or, if this is a weekend, the first Friday of the month.

8 – I am getting a pension but haven’t had a payslip for ages?

A payslip will only be sent to you if your net monthly pension changes by more than £1. This would usually happen at the beginning of each year when your pension may increase or perhaps when a change of tax code is applied to your pension.

9 – I am in receipt of a pension why do I have to pay tax?

Pension income paid to you is normally treated as earned income for income tax purposes, although you don’t pay any National Insurance contributions on your pension income.

10 – What is the tax office if I have any queries about the tax I pay?

Pay As You Earn
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
United Kingdom

Tel.: 0300 200 3300
Calling from abroad: +44 135 535 9022

If you are deaf or hearing or speech impaired and have a text phone, call: 0300 200 3319. Always quote your National Insurance number and the Rentokil Initial tax office reference: 120/RA93272

11 – What happens when I die?

The Scheme administrators will need to be advised of your death then they will calculate any further benefits that are payable and depending on the benefits that are payable they will be paid as stipulated in the Scheme Deed and Rules.

12 – What to do if a member of the Scheme has died?

Please let the Scheme Administrators know as soon as you can by using the “Contact Us” link.

Once it is available you will need to send an original death certificate together with a note of National Insurance number and date of birth of the person who has died and the full address of the person that the certificate should be returned to. The certificate will be returned using the recorded delivery postal service and we strongly recommend that you use that service to send it to the Administrators.

The address to send the certificate to is:

Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme
P.O. Box 4684
East Court
Riverside Park
Stoke on Trent

When the death certificate is returned information about any further benefits payable will be sent.  It is possible that the administrators may need copies of further certificates.

13 – Can I update my expression of wish form?

Yes, you may update your expression of wish by completing a new form. In the event of your death, the Trustee will consider your wishes in the distribution of any benefits payable.

Download a form here and send it to:

Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme
P.O. Box 4684
East Court
Riverside Park
Stoke on Trent

14 – Can I transfer my Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme to another scheme?

Yes, provided that you have not started to draw your benefits you may transfer your benefits to a suitably approved pension arrangement. Please note that if the value of your pension is more than £30,000 you will need to take independent financial advice from an authorised person and provide evidence of this.

If your home address is correctly held on your pension record then you can ask for a transfer value using the “Contact Us” details – if you need to update the Scheme Administrators with a new address then please write to them asking for a transfer value and advise them of your current home address.

15 – Pension scams

Thinking of doing something with your pension pot? Before you go any further, read these five tips to protect yourself from scammers:

16 – Will the Trustee provide me with financial advice?

No, you will need to find a financial advisor. Go to will provide the names of advisers in your local area.

17 – How do I complain about the benefits I have received?

We would hope that we would be able to sort out any issues you have about your benefits.

If you are unhappy with the service you have received, please contact the administrator in the first instance. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you may contact the Trustee. The Trustee has a formal Internal Disputes Procedure (IDR) which can be provided on request. If you remain dissatisfied at this point, you can approach the Pensions Advisory Service and the final highest level is the Pensions Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will usually expect you to have been through the formal IDR process before considering your case.

Contact Us 

If you have any questions or queries relating to your Scheme benefits, you can email the Scheme administrators at, telephone them on 0344 3912 402 or write to them at Rentokil Initial 2015 Pension Scheme, PO Box 4684, East Court, Riverside Park, Stoke on Trent, ST4 9NX. Alternatively, you can use the form and select pensions as the subject. Please note we can only comment on the Scheme and not any other Rentokil Initial pension arrangements.